JAMSS will continue to evolve, for the future of this planet

JAMSS will continue to evolve,
for the future of this planet

The business operations of JAMSS can be broadly classified into four areas.

The first is the operation of and user support for “Kibo”, the experiment module run by Japan at the International Space Station (ISS). We take care of the training for crew staying in “Kibo”, ground-based operation and engineering support, total back-up for experiments aboard “Kibo”, and support for the operation of the “Kounotori” vehicle that ferries supplies to the International Space Station.

The second is safety and product assurance. We perform detailed evaluations of the safety, reliability, and maintainability of parts and equipments to be taken into space, and make recommendations as appropriate.

The third is satellite development, management and utilization. We develop and manage satellites, andprovide engineering support for new satellite utilization such as earth surveillance, disaster prevention,and national security.

The fourth is new business development. We are working on research and development projects, in orderto help human live comfortably in space, for the forthcoming manned space missions including to explorethe moon or Mars, and also to make space technology useful in daily life.

We are continuing to provide our technology, know-how and ideas through space applications, such as operation and utilization of ISS, for the prosperous future of human world.

“Kibo” means “hope” in Japanese, and also “Kounotori” means a “oriental white stork” in Japanese. “Kounotori”is now on the verge of extinction in Japan and in process of a program for rebirth in the wild.

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