JAMSS will support various industries
for space applications making excellent use
of the technologies cultivated in space.

Toshikazu Koto, President

We, Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JAMSS), have been involved in the operation of the “Kibo” and “KOUNOROTI”, the training of astronauts and flight controllers and the implementation of space experiments as part of the International Space Station (ISS) project ever since our establishment in 1990. We also evaluate and provide advice on safety, reliability and maintainability of hardware and software in space, and are highly acclaimed by people in the space industry who consider JAMSS to be synonymous with safety.

The times are changing, and we no longer concentrate only on national projects involving space environments, but also increasingly on providing a forum for the use of private enterprises. JAMSS is also striving to provide services that realize various industries utilize space environments, such as promoting the “Kibo” utilization, supporting the development and operation of satellites and providing support in the utilization of satellite data. We are also in the process of expanding the ultimate safety technology and knowhow in specialist training, cultivated through the ISS project, that we can provide to private enterprises.The ISS is expected to become the cornerstone of projects aiming at manned space expeditions to the moon and Mars in the future. JAMSS will also be taking this enormous step into unchartered territory by acting as a bridge between the earth and outer space in order to contribute to humanity and society. You know you can place your trust in JAMSS, the company that “links humans and space.”

Toshikazu Koto, President