'Kirara', high quality protein crystal growth service, has started calling

2020/ 4/ 1

JAMSS start providing a high quality protein crystal generation service 'Kirara' to support drug discovery.

With the support of seven companies, research institutions and the national university, we had demonstration of the "Kirara" in December 2019 to verify service process as well as equipment performance.

Nov-14th, 2019 Launch demonstration mission of "Kirara" on Dec 2019(Participants in Kirara trial service)

Next launch is scheduled for late October 2020, and the deadline for application is June 30th, 2020. Refer to the following website for details.


About Kirara:
Kirara is a high quality protein crystal growth service provided by JAMSS for drug discovery support. This technology was realized through a technical tie-up with Confocal Science, which has been supporting protein crystal generation on ground and in space since its foundation in 1994. The small incubator, which JAMSS developed and in which crystals are grown, is launched through the ICE Cubes Service and accommodated in the ICE Cubes Facility (ICF) owned by Space Applications Services who has a commercial partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). Kirara is a commercial service partnership between Japanese and European companies. It could be applied to the field of materials such as cellulose as well as drug discovery support.

Mar-16th, 2020 First cellulose synthesis by enzyme in space 

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Protein crystals (JAMSS sample)Protein crystals (JAMSS sample)

Cellulose enzymatically synthesized (Univ. of Tokyo)Cellulose enzymatically synthesized (Univ. of Tokyo)