JAMSS Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation


History and Organization

History History

May 1990 Company established (Sanwa Building, 1-27-17, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
April 1991 Headquarters moved (Hamamatsu-cho Central Building, Tokyo)
April 1994 Tsukuba Office opened (Urban Square Tsuchiura Building, Ibaraki)
November 1997 JAMSS America, Inc. established (Houston, Texas, USA)
November 2000 ISO-9002 certification
December 2003 ISO-9001 certification
November 2004 JAMSS joined KEIDANREN, its The 21st Century Public Policy Institute and its Space Activities Promotion Committee
May 2005 Headquarters moved (Otemachi Building, Tokyo)
March 2007 ISO-14001 certification
November 2009 ISO/IEC 27001 certification
May 2010 20th anniversary of establishment (a commemorative public symposium held)
September 2013 Headquarters office moved (Hamamatsu-cho Central Building, Tokyo)
April 2015 Nagoya office opened (Mitsui Seimei Kanayama Building, Aichi)
October 2017 Nagoya office moved (Yagami Kanayama Building, Aichi)
July 2019 Kobe office opened (Imon Kobe Building, Hyogo)
November 2020 Nagoya office moved (NFC Kanayama Ekimae Bldg., Aichi)
December 2020 20th anniversary of establishment (Commemorative website went online)
April 2022 Transferred Nagoya Office to Safety Development and Mission Assurance Department

Organization Organization

We conduct 24 hours control of the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” from the Tsukuba Space Center.
We monitor and control the life supporting systems, such as air conditioning/heating systems and communication systems, in coordination with the controllers around the world in order to support the activities of astronauts through monitoring, control, and analysis.

Board of Directors



ISS Utilization and Operation Department

Manned Space System Engineering Department

Safety Development and Mission Assurance Department

Space Business Department

Compliance Department

Corporate Strategic Planning Department

Business Development Department

Technology and Quality Control Department

Operation support of "Kibo" and "Kounotori", and support for space experiments
We perform operation control and offer support for space experiments for "Kibo" and "Kounotori" at the International Space Station from the Tsukuba Space Center.

Technical support for operation/utilization of "Kibo"/
Establishment of next-generation manned space technology

We offer technical support for the system equipment and experimental devices used in the International Space Station "Kibo" from the backroom of the flight control room. Moreover, we contribute the technologies we acquired through operation/utilization of “Kibo” to the development of the next-generation manned space exploration.

Examination/evaluation of safe system of the future using the cutting-edge technologies originating from space development.
We evaluate and guarantee the reliability and safety standard of the devices, equipment, and software and the works using them. Moreover, we perform independent verification in order to prepare for unexpected accidents and threats in everyday social system using the cutting-edge technology originating from space development, with the comprehensive perspective that is not limited by the focus on details such as component elements.

Total support for spacecraft and satellites/
Proposals for space utilization, and next-generation manned space exploration.

Our experts in space development will offer total support in design, development, manufacturing, test, and operation of spacecraft and satellites using their engineering skills and experience. Moreover, we promote farming using artificial satellites and next-generation manned space exploration aimed at moon and Mars exploration as our proposals for space utilization.



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