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"Space utilization" that connects you and space.

We coordinate space utilization

“I want to use Kibo.”
“I want astronauts to do this in space.”
We lead your dreams such as these to
realization using the skills we obtained through manned space development.

Space experiment, product development and technological demonstration in space, and film shoot.
Utilization of space today is no longer a dream but becoming a reality.
Please make any inquiry not limited to the conventional framework.

We coordinate space utilization We coordinate space utilization
We coordinate space utilization We coordinate space utilization

Health maintenance operation
that supports the health of astronauts

JAMSS plays an important role in maintaining the health of astronauts
who are exposed to harsh conditions of space, including microgravity, closed and
isolated environment, and cosmic radiation, that are closed and harmful to the human body.

In Autumn of 2022, the Crew Dragon spacecraft where astronaut Wakata will be on board is planned to be launched.
Based on the contract with JAXA, we have been consistently supporting the health maintenance of the Japanese astronauts since the first long-duration ISS expedition mission. Currently, we are engaging with the health management of astronaut Wakata, together with seven different Japanese universities and companies, so as to ensure that he will start his upcoming mission in the best physical and mental condition.

Moreover, we conduct health management of Japanese astronauts in support of their on-ground activities, such as rehabilitation of the astronauts who return from the ISS.

©JAXA|Astronaut Kanai exercising with a medicine ball.
©JAXA|Astronaut Kanai exercising with a medicine ball.

Contribute to the society
through utilization of satellite data

JAMSS contributes to the society by making people’s lives richer through advanced technology and innovation, for instance, with disaster monitoring that fully utilizes observation satellites that watch Earth from space, or with research on satellite utilization for the areas where receiving broadcasting is difficult such as mountainous regions or remote islands.

Today, there are diverse types of artificial satellites orbiting around our planet in the outer space above Earth, and it is possible to receive data from several satellites and use it for our business. JAMSS offers a service where we perform advanced treatment on the data we receive from satellites of various countries, so as to make it easier for the users to read the data, and deliver customized information.




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